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Carving a Black-capped Chickadee with Cam Merkle

Join Cam for this inaugural carving workshop in Razertip's new state-of-the-art classroom. Every Thursday evening for 10 weeks (7PM-9:30PM - 2.5 hours per week) you will carve, texture and paint a life-size Black-capped Chickadee. This class is ideal for first-time or less experienced carvers; if you've never carved a bird before or if you're still at the early stages of learning how, this class is for you. When the class is done you'll have a beautiful, realistic Chickadee carving that you'll be proud to display! You'll also have learned a whole range of new skills!

Carving a Black-capped Chickadee

Carve a Gray Jay with Harvey Welch

The first 3 days (session 1) will be spent carving and starting the texture on your Gray Jay. In the 3 weeks between sessions you will complete the texturing on your own so that it's ready to paint on the last 3 days (session 2). All tools and equipment supplied. If you would rather carve with some or all of your own tools feel free to bring them along. Cost; $240.00, which includes bird blank and glass eyes.

Harvey Welch started carving in 1986 and became a full time carver after retiring from the Saskatoon Board of Education in 1991. Harvey is primarily a wildlife carver with a major focus on all species of birds. He shows his work at carving shows across Western Canada and has earned a number of best in show placements over the years.

Carve a Gray Jay

Pyrography (Woodburning) with Doug Cox

This one-day class is ideal for anyone interested in learning about woodburning or improving their woodburning skills. All necessary tools and supplies are provided. You will start with exercises to familiarize you with using a woodburning tool and then move on to a project of your choice. Doug will have several different projects that you can choose from. He will guide you through the process of completing your chosen project. This is an interesting and fun workshop where each participant will take home a finished piece.

Doug Cox of Warman, SK is a self-taught pyrography artist who first began using pyrography in 2001 to decorate the custom canoe paddles he builds. He continues to make and decorate his paddles and also works on pyrography art by itself. He has worked on commission pieces for customers across Canada and the US, both for large corporate functions and individual personalized pieces. Doug has been an active member of the Saskatchewan Woodworkers' Guild for 10 years and has taught a pyrography art class for Guild members each year since joining.

Examples of his pyrography can be viewed at: wood burned art.

Pyrography (Woodburning) with Doug Cox class

Basic Carving - Carving a Fishing Lure with Cam Merkle

Learn basic power carving skills while carving a beautiful, functional jointed plug in this one-day class. Starting with a basswood blank and an acrylic piece for the diving plate, Cam will expertly guide you through all of the steps to carve, sand assemble, paint and seal the "Pro-Runner" lure (as shown above - based on the pattern from G. Hay's book "Basic Fishing Lure Carving"). You'll learn how to use rotary tools to shape and sand the lure as well as how to make rigging from stainless steel wire and put it all together in a lure that's beautiful in and out of the water.

Basic Carving - Carving a Fishing Lure with Cam Merkle

Bone Carving Workshop with New Zealand Artist Gareth McGhie

This two day workshop will focus on various carving techniques and processes for bone and/or antler. It will be partly observational, with demonstrations of a number of processes and techniques, and partly practical, where participants will work towards the completion of a piece that could evolve into a small pendant or a broach. Lashing techniques will be covered. Design processes will also be discussed during the course of the workshop.

Gareth's personal art practice is focused on carving bone, horn, antler and wood within a personal adornment context. Although much of his work centers on a "jewellery" format, he also creates larger scale sculptural pieces in wood and stone. He exhibits his work regularly and sells through the Kura Gallery and Visual Culture Gallery (both in Wellington, NZ) as well as in Taupo, NZ. Commission based projects make up more than half the work he does and many of these are bound for off-shore homes. To view Gareth's work and to read the explanation of the "KAUPAPA" that he works within, please visit his website: http://garethmcghie.weebly.com/

Bone Carving Workshop with Gareth McGhie

Carve a Male Goldfinch with Cam Merkle

Join Cam for an amazing bird carving experience in Razertip's state-of-the-art classroom. Over 10 weeks (2.75 hours per week) you will carve, texture and paint a life-size male American Goldfinch. This class is ideal for first-time or less experienced carvers (although more experienced carvers will also enjoy and benefit from this class); if you've never carved a bird before or if you're still at the early stages of learning how, this class is for you. When the class is done you'll have a beautiful, realistic Goldfinch carving that you'll be proud to display! You'll also have learned many new skills!

Carve a Male Goldfinch with Cam Merkle

Carving a Great-Horned Owl with Cam Merkle

In 10 weeks (2.75 hours per week for a total 27.5 hours) you will carve and paint a 7" Great-horned Owl (approx. 30% life-size). You will learn how to make the feet and to mount the carving on a natural base (base can be supplied or you may wish to bring your own). This class will be of interest to carvers of any experience level - whether you've never carved a bird before or you're an expert carver, you will find this an enjoyable and challenging project. Cam works with each individual student based on their experience and abilities. When the class is finished you'll have a beautiful carving that you'll be proud to display! And you will also have learned many new skills.

Carving a Great-Horned Owl

Taking the Mystery Out of Colour with Cam Merkle

Intimidated by colour? This one-day class will help you understand how colour works, how pigments work and more specifically how the pigments you are already using can be mixed to provide the colours you want. This is a practical, hands-on class ideal for anyone who works with paints and pigments. Starting with the basics, Cam will quickly guide you through colour theory, into recognizing and understanding pigment numbers and will get you started on building your own colour reference resources. Whether you work on flat surfaces or in the round, with watercolours, acrylics, oils, alcohol inks or dyes, this class will help to remove any intimidation or frustration with colour mixing.

Taking the Mystery Out of Colour

Clay Modelling for Carvers with Cam Merkle

Want to bring your carving to the next level? Intimidated at the thought of making a clay model of your project? Maybe you've tried making a clay model and have been frustrated. For many of the best carvers in the world a clay model is an essential part of their design process. A clay model allows you to work out any design and anatomy challenges and can eliminate guesswork in your finished carving.

Cam has been making clay models (or studies) of all his major pieces since 2005. His process uses carved wooden pieces, wire, polymer clay and sometimes metal sheet in order to animate each piece and work out any anatomy, design, composition and engineering challenges for the entire piece before committing to a piece of wood for the finished project. In this one-day hands-on class Cam will share his entire process from start-to-finish, giving you the information and experience you'll need to get your own clay study started.

Clay Modelling for Carvers

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